December Links

St. Nicholas Day
December 6
Pearl Harbor Day December 7
Learn more about this fateful day in American history.

Cornelia Funke's Birthday
December 10
Visit her website

Santa Lucia Day December 13
Hanukkah (Channukah)
Begins December 16
Roald Admunsen and his team reach the South Pole on December 14,1911.
Learn more about Admunsen and other explorers who attempted to reach Antarctica.
Las Posadas
(In English and Spanish)
December 16-24

Boston Tea Party
December 16,1776
Learn more about this historic event.

December 25

Colo, the first gorilla born in captivity, was born December 22, 1956.
Read about Colo

Learn more about gorillas

December 26-January 1

Card Playing Day
December 28
Check out these cool card games!

New Year's Eve
December 31

Rudyard Kipling's Birthday
December 30
Read one of his "Just So Stories".