June Links


US flag June 14 is Flag Day.

To learn about the history of the flag of the United States, click here.

To learn how to fold the flag, click here.


For more information and activities visit these websites:

Happy Father's Day

Be sure to wish Dad a "Happy Father's Day on June 16!

For Father's Day activities, crafts and gift ideas, visit these sites:

Father's Day Coloring pages:

solar system

June 21 is the "longest day of the year", or summer solstice.

Visit "Talk to an Astronomer about the Summer Solstice" to learn more.

waterslideFor many summer means being in, or around the water.

Visit "Kids Health" for tips on how to be safe around the water.


boy by tent reading
Summer reading lists:


Weather Kids

In many parts of the country, summer weather can be very unpredictable. Visit "Weather Wiz Kids" to learn more about weather.

baseballTake me out to the ball game!

Official Major League Baseball Page

Science of Baseball

History of Baseball Timeline

Baseball Quiz

Math Baseball

camping  Go Camping America

Camping Recipes for Kids



Wimbledon - June 24-July 7

golfTeaching Golf Basics to Kids videos